There are so many ways to thank our Vietnam Veterans. Here are a few of our favorites:

Say "Thank You" by Mail

Would you like a Vietnam Veteran to receive a handwritten "Thank You" for their service? Join our Thank a Vietnam Veteran campaign by writing a letter and sending it to the address below. We will hand deliver all the letters received to Veterans attending July 2-4th events.

Thank a Veteran Letter Campaign:
Operation Oklahoma
Thank a Veteran Letter Campaign
PO Box 36275
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Say "Thank You" Socially (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.)

In today's social networking world, there are so many ways to communicate. We invite you to post a message of thanks to our Vietnam Veterans on the Operation Oklahoma Fan Page on Facebook, OperationOK on Twitter, or your own personal blog.

Say "Thank You" In Person

For Operation Oklahoma to be a success and for every Vietnam Veteran to feel honored and appreciated for their service, we need both Oklahomans and Veterans to attend.

Please help us spread the word and encourage all of Oklahoma to join us July 2-4 in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Norman to pay tribute to the men and women who served bravely and with honor in our nation's most controversial war.

In the meantime, if you see someone wearing the Vietnam service colors shown below, take a moment to say "Thank You." They will appreciate it more than you know.

More Ways to Salute Our Vietnam Veterans

Download a poster or flyer from the website and post it at your place of business, church, local library, grocery store, etc.

Check out the merchandise section of the website for items you can purchase and wear or display. Proceeds go to help veterans and their families.

If you're a teacher, check out the teaching materials on the website and have a day of education about the Vietnam War or have your students write letters of thanks to our Vietnam Veterans.

If you have school age children, encourage their teachers to visit the website for educational materials related to the Vietnam War.

If you know a Vietnam Veteran, listen to their stories with interest. If they are a war-veteran they have seen things you will never see. Listen and learn.

Have your children paint a picture or write a letter of thanks to a Vietnam Veteran. Send it to the address so that it can be hand delivered to a Vietnam Veteran.

Visit a local nursing home or VA Hospital. Find out what you can do to help. If you quilt, make a blanket for a needy Veteran. If you bake call and find out if you can bring in something special. Bring a book to read to a Veteran "ready and willing" to listen. We all have talents that can be used.

Is there a disabled Vietnam Veteran in your neighborhood? Help with the raking of their leaves or mowing their yard.

Do you have a website or blog? Create a page/post dedicated to our Vietnam Veterans.

Employers: Host a special luncheon for all of your Vietnam Veterans. Recognize their service to your company and your country.

Teachers: Invite a Vietnam Veteran to speak at your school, in a classroom or to the entire school.

Pray for them and their families, every day.

Start a Drive: Ask local businesses to participate in a drive for local Vietnam Veterans – food, clothing, books, etc.

Clean out your closets and contribute gently used household goods to Vietnam Veterans of America.

Attend the Operation Oklahoma events and show public support and gratitude for the men and women who served in Vietnam.

Sign up to be a volunteer for Operation Oklahoma on our Volunteer page.

Talk to your children about the pride we have in the Military.

Spot a Vietnam Veteran sticker on a car in the parking lot? Leave a note of thanks.

Find out which businesses in your community truly support Veterans and the troops; become their customer.

Ask your company to display a poster or banner for Operation Oklahoma.

Spread the message. Make sure everyone knows 2010 is the year for Oklahoma's Vietnam Veterans. Let's show our gratitude for their service in a big way.

To truly honor our Veterans, make the best of the opportunity the sacrifices of our fighting men and women have provided. Love your country with passion, and do what you can to make it a better place.


November 6, 2010

Grand Finale, rescheduled from July 4


Help us make this event a success by making a donation today.




Thank a Vietnam Veteran today, online, by mail, or through an act of kindness.